The Instant Hydromet Station: Just Add Water


  • you’re looking to get a few sensors up and running quickly and painlessly
  • you’d love to expand your network to have more spatial coverage
  • you need one or more temporary stations for a specific project

…then eTracker is a great option. 

Simplifying deployments of small stations

All configuration of sensors, cell network, and communication destination all done in the cloud. The cloud is the primary data logging site with eTracker including all data transmitted on a removable SD card as backup. Stevens’ eTracker is a very simple and efficient cloud-based data acquisition platform for linking sensors directly to data on-line.

Pressure transducer and water temperature sensors are connected directly to…

cellular-based eTracker (no data logger required). Data is stored on removable media for backup and automatically forwarded…

through the cellular network…

to the any Internet destination via HTTP or FTP protocols where it can be processed, forwarded or accessed…

by the end user.

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