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Two non-contact water level radar sensors for outdoor use using impulse 24 GHz or 80 GHz plus and continuous wave radar technology. Conventional pulse radar emits periodic high-frequency pulse and continuous wave radar emits a continuous wave signal. The continuous wave radar can be a single-frequency continuous wave or a frequency-modulated continuous wave.

24 GHz radar sensors are typically used for applications where the measured surface is highly reflective, such as liquids and powders. 80GHz radar sensors are typically used for applications where the material being measured is less reflective, such as granular or bulk materials. 80GHz radar sensors have a smaller wavelength and can detect a higher resolution level and can also penetrate through dust, steam, or foam.


  • Measuring water level in outdoor environment using a non-contact sensor that is not affected by sediment or debris in the water.
  • Temperature gradients, water pollution, foam, waterfowl, or sediment load has minimal effect on measurements.
  • Default uses a frequency-modulated continuous wave radar (FMCW) level meter that varies during the sweep frequency period.
  • FMCW radar level sensors have the advantages of being easy to implement, a small lightweight structure, and are widely used in the field of water measurement.
  • FMCW radar level sensors can transmit and receive at the same time and do not have the measurement blind zone that pulse radar has.

Technical Specifications


24 GHz

80 HGz

Measurement Range0.2 to ~75m optional0.1 to ~40 m optional
Frequency (GHz)24 min to 26 max77 min to 81 max (Band Width 4G)
Output power13 dBm typical | 20 dBm max13 dBm typical | 20 dBm max
Antenna beam angle (-3bB) Horizonal and vertical11 degrees6 degrees
Measurement time
Resolution1 mm1 mm
Accuracy+- 3mm (=10m) | 1 cm (>10m)+- 2mm
Warming1 s100 ms


Power supply9 to 24 VDC9 to 24 VDC
Power /current consumption activeTypical 30 mATypical 20 mA


Serial interfaceRS 485 Default baud rate 115200RS 485 Default baud rate 115200
Rotation range of swivel mountxx degrees lateral
yy degrees longitudinal
xx degrees lateral
yy degrees longitudinal
Vertical distance to water surface0.5 to 15 m (1.64 to 82 feet) minimum depending on wave height


Operating temperature45°C to 85°C (-49°F to 185°F).-45°C to 85°C (-49°F to 185°F).
HousingIP 68


Dimensions (L x H x W)160 mm (6.3 in) x 75 mm (3.0 in) x 1.2mm (0.5 in) [without mounting bracket]66 mm (2.6 in) x 96 mm (3.8 in)
Weight215 g (0.5 lbs)212 g (0.5 lbs)


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