The tipping bucket rain gage is recognized as the standard for measuring rainfall and other precipitation in remote and unattended locations.

The integrated siphon mechanism delivers high levels of accuracy across a broad range of rainfall intensities. Each unit consists of a collector funnel with stainless steel leaf filter, an integrated siphon control mechanism, an outer enclosure with quick release fasteners, and base which houses the tipping bucket mechanism. The unit includes dual output reed switches with varistor protection (helps shield sensitive components against excessive transient voltage) as well as dual rainfall discharge outlets for water collection and/or analysis.

The bucket tips when precipitation of 0.01″, 0.2 mm, 0.5 mm or 1.0 mm has been collected. Each tip activates a reed switch closure which is detected by a data logger and/or telemetry system.

It’s also available with a larger collector measuring 11.1″ (282.8 mm) in diameter.

Technical Specifications

Receiver 200 mm (8 inch) or 282.8 mm (11.1 inch) diameter with machined aluminum rim
Sensitivity One tip at 0.2, 0.5, 1.0 mm or 0.01 inch
Measurements Range: 0-700 mm/hour
Accuracy: ± 2% 25-500 mm/hour, ± 1 tip from 1-25 mm/hour
Sensor Tipping bucket with siphon
Siphon 0.4mm capacity of rainfall - made from brass with a non-hygroscopic outer body
Contacts Type: dual reed-switch (make contact), momentary
Rating:12 VA (0.5 amp max)
Duration: 0.1 second
Physical dimensions Height x diameter: 342 mm (13.5") x 229 mm 9"
Weight: 3 kg (6.6 lbs)
Bucket Chrome plated, injected moulded non-hygroscopic ABS balanced ± 0.05 gms
Base Die-cast aluminium
Mounting holes Three (3) 10mm diameter mounting holes
Drain fittings Able to attach 12 mm inside diameter tubing, to catch rainfall after passing through buckets
Pivots Ground sapphire pivots with stainless steel shaft
Insect covers Stainless steel mesh on all openings to prevent insects from entering gauge
Outer enclosure Keyed to enable the release of the outer enclosure without the need for the removal of the three securing screws


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