Staff Gages Overview

Stevens’ environmentally rugged staff gages provide a quick and easy visual indicator of water level and flow. Every water level monitoring station should include a staff gage from which the height of the water may be visually and easily compared to any data logger’s reported measurement.

Enamelled iron gages are preferred over other type gages (such as painted gages) since they resist rust, corrosion or discoloration and will last almost indefinitely with proper installation and maintenance. Any algae, organic/marine growth or other dirt build up on the gage is easily washed off.

Staff gages are typically placed on a redwood, cypress, cedar or synthetic board of suitable width and the board itself it then attached or embedded to the wall. Mounting a staff gage directly to concrete or metal structures is also done, but care should be taken so that the mounting screws are not excessively tightened since this could chip or fracture the porcelain. In order to prevent this, rubber grommets should be placed immediately under the screw head before installing the gage. Stevens staff gages are designed to accept a #8 ¾” round head brass wood screw. Each staff gage includes pre-drilled mounting holes with a brass grommet ring to help avoid any porcelain chipping or fracturing from over-tightening.

Custom Staff Gages

Custom staff gages can also be designed by Stevens. They can be individually designed for large size, slopes or flow measurements or for other unique mounting angles that an off-the-shelf staff gage cannot measure. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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