Stevens Water Acquires Structure Monitoring, Inc.

Stevens Water Monitoring Systems Inc. is proud to announce the completion of the acquisition of Structure Monitoring Inc.

Also based in Portland, Oregon, Structural Monitoring Inc. (SMI) provides intelligent IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for monitoring, analyzing, and managing critical infrastructure with emphasis on hydropower, bridges, and transportation applications.

Stevens and SMI share a common vision and direction in unified communications and collaboration of collecting and combining data from multiple sources into a concise smart cloud-based platform for advanced insight and analysis of the conditions being monitoring and evaluated. This acquisition will capitalize on Stevens’ expertise of remote environmental monitoring application and SMI’s expertise in applying business intelligence tools to optimize environmental data integration and information flow for operational use to make critical, timely decisions. Such decisions impact public safety, regulatory compliance, operational efficiencies, and conservation efforts. 

Together, Stevens and SMI will enhance the insight, analysis, reporting, and overall power of Stevens-Connect, a cloud-based data acquisition and operational platform. Stevens-Connect is designed for remote applications of hydrology, meteorology, agriculture and now transportation infrastructure health monitoring to optimize the economics and actionable decisions based on time-series data collected from the client’s specific data acquisition platforms, custom algorithms, and integration of data from other relevant third-party sources via new web services connections. Stevens and SMI provide innovative solutions that optimize the communication path between the measurement sources to actionable decisions that “the Mind” makes…called “Measurements to Mind”.

Stevens’ acquisition of SMI provides a growth opportunity for both our businesses through an extended IoT service offering for our clients and new transportation infrastructure applications. As organizations advance their transition to a true data acquisition integration, unified communication, and collaboration solution, we will be better positioned to support them on that journey.

The acquisition allows a complete one-stop-shop with end-to-end solutions. The barrier to enter the IoT market to solve challenging business outcomes for hydropower, agricultural, bridges, and other critical infrastructure will be significantly reduced.

Read the press release here.

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