wind direction

Met One 010C/020D Wind

Met One 010C / 020D Wind Speed / Direction Sensor Features Downloads Inquire The 010C Wind Speed Sensor provides accurate and detailed information on horizontal wind speed. The lightweight three-cup anemometer is used in virtually all applications where fast response and low starting threshold(s) are of paramount importance. The 020C Wind Direction Sensor provides azimuth …

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Met One 083F/085A Relative Humidity

Met One 083F / 085A Relative Humidity / Temperature Sensor Features Downloads Inquire The 083F Relative Humidity Sensor is a highly sensitive and stable temperature measurement tool that provides outstanding accuracy. It is reliable in the full range of relative humidity conditions, from 0-100%, performing equally well in meteorological, industrial, laboratory and other demanding settings. …

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Meteorology Sensors Overview

Weather conditions are often an integral element in water resource and irrigation management applications. Weather parameters are frequently used in understanding and modeling environmental applications that are dependent on water resources. Stevens provides top quality and industry leading weather sensors that are easily deployed into an integrated environmental monitoring and control system. Here is an …

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