Dial-up, Push, Pull, Scheduled or On-Demand: The flexibility of M2M

Stevens M2M remote communications products (Cell-Net and eTracker) offer lots of flexibility for getting your data from a remote site. And don’t forget that reconfiguring how and when data is sent can be done anytime, from any device using the web-based interface.

  • Multiple ways to trigger a transmission: transmit data based on schedule, or triggered by external logger/sensor, after scheduled collection, or after data buffer reaches set size. Or simply “dial-up” to request new data.
  • Reconfigure at will: Configuration can be changed at any time from any computer or smartphone with an Internet connection.
  • Any destination for your data: Retrieve data any way you want, from 3rd-party software to raw data in a universally accessible location and format. Data can be sent to any HTTP or FTP destination via HTTP, FTP, IP or any combination of these protocols.
  • Any carrier: Can be ordered pre-provisioned or use your own choice of cellular service. Any GSM carrier or Verizon for CDMA.

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