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How to Add a Secondary Telemetry to Your GOES Station

GOES, for all it’s no-cost, reliable virtues, has some drawbacks. First, it’s a one-way transmission—there’s no way of sending any data to your station. This means there’s no way to reprogram a data logger or reboot a stuck data logger or purge a bubbler without (an unplanned) visit to the site. The Stevens SatCom GOES

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Top 9 specs to consider in a GOES transmitter in 2016

If you haven’t considered these specs before, you should—and here’s why. Option to easily add 2-way telemetry. The reasons for having 2-way redundant telemetry are explained in the above article…a dual-telemetry system can always be cobbled together, but when the GOES transmitter is designed with this capability built-in, things are so much easier. TCXO frequency

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