Featured Research Using the HydraProbe Field Portable

A new study “Investigating the backscatter contrast anomaly in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery of the dunes along the Israel–Egypt border” will appear in the International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, Volume 46, April 2016, Pages 13-21. For the study, the researchers used the HydraProbe Field Portable (now called HydraGO C) extensively. Click here to download the article.


  • The surface properties that may affect radar backscatter in a dune field are explored.
  • Radar backscatter from dunes varies across an intersecting political borderline.
  • Dielectric permittivity of sand and biocrusts is similar across the radar spectral region.
  • Ground and aerial observations show different vegetation patterns across the border.
  • A backscatter contrast appears since the vegetation changes the surface roughness.

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