Stevens GroPoint Profile

Multi-Segment Soil Moisture Profiling Probe

gropoint profile moisture sensor

The Stevens GroPoint Profile provides e ective soil moisture measurement over multiple depths using a single probe. This probe’s Time-Domain-Transmission (TDT) technology provides volumetric soil moisture readings (percentage of water in the soil) at multiple depths. The Stevens GroPoint Profile can be deployed in irrigation zones to provide an understanding of water movement through the soil by accurately tracking relative changes in soil moisture throughout the soil column.

The sleek, lightweight design is vertically installed quickly with minimal soil disruption using a pilot rod and slide hammer tool. The GroPoint Profile takes average volumetric soil moisture measurements over each segment, with each segment of approximately 6 inches (15 cm). The GroPoint Profile’s length options are between 2 and 8 segments.

An Accurate and Cost-Effective Soil Profiling Solution

Measures soil moisture and temperature at multiple depths with a single probe and with a single cable.

Installs quickly and easily without excavating.

One SDI-12 address is used to read all segments, providing for simplified installations.

Low power requirements—suitable for remote, autonomous applications.

Excellent long-term stability of measurements.

Simplify Measurement of Soil Moisture at Multiple Depths

This single GroPoint Profile probe installed without excavation is equivalent to 4 separate probes. It will measure soil moisture at 4 different depths.

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Segment 1

Average volumetric soil moisture content measured over 15cm (5.9”)

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Segment 2

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Segment 3

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Segment 4





the soil.


Create a pilot hole the exact size required for the probe using the slide hammer tool attached to a sturdy steel pilot rod. This makes installation quick and easy, and provides minimum soil disruption, further increasing measurement accuracy.

Pilot rod
Pilot rod







Choose the number of segments that’s right for your application.

(Custom sizes also available)

Ideal for a Multitude of Agricultural Applications

  • Fully potted electronics for excellent durability and consistency of operations.
  • SDI-12 output (RS485 optional).
  • Cable sits flush with surface without pinching.
  • Also measures soil temperature.

Uses Time Domain Transmission (TDT) and patented antenna technology

The GroPoint Profile’s patented technology employs a unique antenna design that enables accurate and repeatable measurements within a highly cost-efficient electronics and mechanical design. It detects water as much as 5 cm (2”) from the surface of the probe fins. Like all dielectric-based sensors, moisture closest to the surface of the probe has more influence on the readings than moisture further away so that soil closely surrounding the sensor will have a greater influence on the soil moisture.

TDT measures the time taken for an electromagnetic wave to propagate (travel) along a given length of a transmission line in the soil. Moisture in the soil changes the soil’s dielectric properties, so that the electro-magnetic wave travels at different rates in wet soil compared to dry soil. This allows for the accurate determination of the soil moisture content.

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Technical Specifications


Moisture range

0% to 100% of volumetric moisture content


<3% volumetric typical for most soils




Measurement range

-20°C to +70°C

Storage temperature

-40°C to +85°C


±0.5 °C


1 thermistor per 2 segments



SDI-12 V1.3 (RS485 Optional)


Flying leads (optional 4 pin, IP66/IP68 rated environmental connector)

Input voltage

6 to 14 VDC max. 18 VDC

Input current

15 mA to 100 mA max - depends on number of segments. Duty cycle is 100ms per segment

Current consumption

Quiescent: <0.5mA