Apogee SP-212


Part # 51167

sp-212 pyranometer
sp-212 pyranometer

The Apogee SP-212 is an accurate, reliable, and durable pyranometer featuring a silicon-cell photodiode with excellent cosine response and measures total solar radiation to within ±5%. The SP-212 is fully potted with a domed-shaped head making the sensor fully weatherproof, self- cleaning, and impervious to thermal based accuracy fluctuations. Each SP-212 pyranometer is carefully pre-calibrated in controlled conditions and traceable to ISO class reference standards so the sensor is ready to go right out of the box.

  • 4-year warranty
  • Comes with Apogee level plate (AL-100) and mounting bracket (AM-110) for easy setup and installation.

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Technical Specifications


2.0 mV per W m-2

Calibration Factor

0.5 W m-2 per mV


± 5%

Measurement Repeatability

< 1%

Non-stability (Long-term Drift)

< 2% per year


< 1% (up to 1750 W m-2)

Response Time

< 1 ms

Field of View


Power Supply

5-24 VDC with a nominal current draw of 300 μA

Spectral Range

360 nm to 1120 nm

Directional (Cosine) Response

± 5% at 75º zenith angle

Temperature Response

-0.04 ± 0.04% per ºC

Operating Temperature

-40 ºC to 70 ºC

Operating Humidity

0 to 100 % relative humidity

Weather resistance

Can be submerged in water up to depths of 30 m


2.40 cm Ø x 2.75 cm H


90 g (with 5 m of lead wire)


5 m of shielded, twisted-pair wire
Santoprene rubber jacket (high water resistance, high UV stability, flexibility in cold conditions)
Pigtail lead wires